Red Opal in Sterling- Size 8/ Semi Adjustable



Red Opal in Sterling- Reflecting a modern Victorian style, combining the lush and romantic deep red of the Red Opal with a shiny, polished and clean set sterling silver.

This ring is a size 8, but is semi- adjustable .

Opal crystal is mostly known for its ability to bring person characteristics and positive traits to the surface. It is believed that Opal stone can pick up persons thoughts, desires, feelings and emotions and amplify them. Negative feelings and emotions that are picked up by Opal crystal, even though they are unpleasant and uncomfortable, are easier to understand, process, and fix. 

For routine care

A quick wash in soapy water can be a sufficient way to keep silver/gold shiny. Mix a few drops of mild dishwashing soap in warm water and gently wash silver/gold pieces. Rinse and buff dry with a soft cloth. In between cleanings, store silver/gold in a cool, dry place to prevent excess tarnish.