Persian Turquoise Silver Earrings



Add a bit of Victorian flair and a pop of turquoise to your look with these sterling silver earrings. Crafted with hypoallergenic earring hooks, they'll be easy to wear and sure to make you say, "Yas, turquoise queens!" (Just don't forget the matching necklace).

Lightweight, high quality and hypoallergenic. 

Originally called piruzeh in Persian, the gem has spiritual value in Persian culture is such that its name carries the meanings of victory, triumph, and prosperity.

To keep your jewelry happy and healthy, make sure to:

-Wear often! Your skins oils will help avoid tarnish

-Remove during household chores. Don’t want chemicals ruining the metal and stone.

-Clean with soap & water to keep sparkling! 

-Store in dry, dark places separate from other jewelry