Forever by CC FAQs

-What is Permanent Jewelry?


“Permanent Jewelry" is clasp less, welded are chains of high-quality metal that is tarnish resistant*, durable and waterproof. It is for people with busy lifestyles, accessible to individuals who can’t easily put on and take off jewelry easily, or people who really like to keep on their jewelry!


-How does it work?

Select your chain: - Are you a gold or silver fan? If you’d like to add a charm for more customization, choose from over a dozen charms! Pick your location: -Anklet, bracelet or necklace! Measure for comfort, readjust if needed, cut & weld! Check for breakage and sign off that there are no breaks, damage and you’re satisfied before you leave, *Note: All cut chains are final sale.


-What is the material used?

Creating Crystals uses all high-quality material: 925 Sterling Silver, Gold fill and Solid Yellow Gold. We use 14K or 18K depending on style and cost.


-What is Gold Fill?

It's a process where gold is pressure bonded to a high-quality metal and is extremely resistant to wear and tear. For a metal to be gold filled, it must contain 5% or more real gold by weight. It’s a stronger and more luxurious option than Gold Plated or Gold Vermeil.


-Does permanent mean that it’ll never come off?

Clients can expect their chains to last months up to a couple of years if the chain is taken care of properly, proving the concept of “permanent”. PLEASE NOTE: Permanent does NOT mean invincible! You need to take care of your investment. Once the chain is cut, it is the client's responsibility to be cautious of the wear and tear on the chain!

-What if I want/need to remove the chain?

Your chain is connected with a jump ring, so you ever need to take off your chain, use wire cutters or even nail cutters (same strength) to cut the ring. Please save your chain to get a 1-time free weld. Any weld on after is a $15 charge.


-How do I clean my chains?

Your chains will naturally clean in the shower with soap and water, however if you ever need to clean your chains a little extra, DAWN SOAP, WATER AND A TOOTHBRUSH will help take away any built-up dirt and sweat! This will help keep your chains super shiny!


-I’m from out of town, how can you assist me if I have a problem?

If you ever need to take off your chain, we offer safe at-home steps to remove your chain. Since there wouldn’t be a way for us to reweld your chain, Creating Crystals offers clasps free of charge! Just ship your chain, and we will ship it back with a clasp attached. If you lose your chain, unfortunately Creating Crystals does not offer refunds on custom items/services. Please take care of your investment.


-What if I need to cut the ring and/or it snags on something and breaks off?

With every weld, we offer a free weld on and/or adjustment on us for 60 days! Need to swap wrists or want to add a clasp? No problem, let’s schedule a time for you to come by the studio and we take care of it. If the chain needs to be reshaped a little, we can assist with that as well. If the chain is not in its original state (too stretched, beyond repair or multiple breaks).. a new chain needs to be purchased. If you lose your chain, unfortunately Creating Crystals does not offer refunds on custom items/services. Please take care of your investment.

After the 60-day warranty, any weld on/change after is a $15 charge.


-Okay, I’m convinced! How do I book?

All information needed is on our IG @creatingcrystals. The link in bio will lead you to all things Creating Crystals! You are more than welcome to do a walk in at the studio in Pacific Beach but can’t guarantee there won't be a wait. Appointments are best!

If you’re looking to book an event, you can find the information in the same link. So excited to work with you on your custom jewelry!!


-What should I expect at my appointment?

If you’re swinging by the studio for an appointment, you’re welcomed into an open facility which will bring you into my studio! Grab a seat, a complimentary snack and drink as we go over your curated chain design and charm selection.

You can also shop Creating Crystals products during down time.

Need anything specific for your appointment like a certain style, material or charm? Let me know a week before your appointment!