Mandala Pearl Earrings



Mandala Pearls- Fresh water pearls embellished with stunning polished Sterling Silver filigree. A dainty yet elegant look to a vintage styled pair of earrings. 

Lightweight, high quality and hypoallergenic. 

As the pearl is governed by the water element, it can calm you down while removing stress and fear from your heart. It’s a great gem for improving your mood too. If you ask me, the longer time you spend with pearl, the more fulfilled you’ll feel.

To keep your jewelry happy and healthy, make sure to:

-Wear often! Your skins oils will help avoid tarnish

-Remove during household chores. Don’t want chemicals ruining the metal and stone

-Clean with soap & water to keep sparkling! Make sure not to soak pearls! 

-Store in dry, dark places separate from other jewelry