Labradorite & Garnet in Sterling - Pendant



Labradorite & Garnet in Sterling- A stunning statement piece, creating a vintage style with the details of the Sterling silver.. This flashy purple/yellow Labradorite is the centerpiece of this pendant, embellished with polished silver and a mini Garnet droplet. 

Lightweight, high-quality, and hypoallergenic.

The Labradorite crystal healing properties are linked with the crown chakra, the energy center that governs spiritual expansion and higher levels of the mind and spirit. If you're looking to expand your mind and increase your spiritual growth, the Labradorite crystal meaning can connect you to higher realms of consciousness. Bringing Labradorite into your life reminds you that every single day holds new magic to be discovered, you just have to look for it. 

To keep your jewelry happy and healthy, make sure to:

-Wear often! Your skins oils will help avoid tarnish

-Remove during household chores. Don’t want chemicals ruining the metal and stone

-Clean with soap & water to keep sparkling!

-Store in dry, dark places separate from other jewelry